Product-MortexMFGHVAC products specially designed and built for the mobile home industry

  • 96-98 Series Indoor evaporator coils
  • E30 Series Electric furnaces
  • G18D Series gas 80% AFUE furnace
  • Duct connectors
  • Line sets
  • Blowers, controls, adaptors (harnesses-coil shelves, etc.)
  • E40-new!

Product-SummitResidential coils for all applications

  • CA-O Series Uncased coils
  • CA-W Series Cased Vertical coils
  • CA-M Series Multi Position cased coils
  • CD Series Dedicated Horizontal cased coils
  • CH Series Horizontal Slab coi

Product-SunThermAir Handlers, Furnaces and Hydronic Coils

  • MS Series Variable Speed 1- Piece Multi-Position Airhandler
  • B40,B14 Series-Multi-position electric heat furnaces
  • H40,H14 Series Multi-position hot water air handlers (Hydronic)
  • B/S02/3 Series Wall Recessed Electric Furnaces
  • HO2-H03 Series Wall Recessed Hot Water Air Handlers
  • C/SEHX Series Cased and Uncased Ceiling Mounted Fan Coil, 0-10KW Electric heat
  • CDXW/SDXW Series – Cased and Uncased Ceiling Mounted Fan Coil, up to 46KBTUH Hot Water Heat

Product-CAPEngineered systems for commercial applications

  • Belt Drive Air Handlers
  • Direct Drive Air Handlers
  • Packaged Chillers
  • Custom Coils

Product-ACEOEM and Replacement coils for all applications

  • Residential & Commercial Coils
  • Industrial & Refrigeration Coils
  • Marine & Automotive Coils
  • Aftermarket Replacement Coils
  • Copper & Aluminum Tubing
  • Copper & Aluminum Fins

Product-LineSetsLinesets for all HVAC applications

  • Sweat Fit-both ends
  • Sweat Fit x Quick connect
  • Quick connect both ends with R410A holding charge
  • Ductless (Mini-split) are both ends
  • Ductless (Mini-split)- Insulated suction lines